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29 August 2018

Had a great lunch meeting with a pastoral colleague.

Had a great lunch meeting with a pastoral colleague. We are planning a service for October that will be based upon the Community of Christ –seen through the eyes of the band U2.  The service will have only music from the U2 collection that to help weave a narrative of Jesus’ desire for us to love our neighbors and be together as a community first!

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For?

We are shaking out the details, but we are fairly sure it will be a Thursday night meeting, probably at 7pm at Iotla.  Again, this is in early planning stages.  We will likely conclude with a U2charist – Lord’s supper.  No, this is not an original idea… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U2charist

I’m very excited about this.  It’s a chance for those outside the church to peek inside a sanctuary and may

be see something new.  Because for so many, like I once was, “They still haven’t found what their looking for!”

God Bless

August 6, 2018

I have been working on this website and the two Facebook pages.  I’m confident that Facebook will get more traffic so expect to see more updates on those two sites.  I plan to use this more for my musings…  and your amusing…   If you were at church yesterday you’d get the reference.

I was a little disappointed to see the attendance drop at Snow Hill yesterday.  It is summertime, but that should be offset by those that live down south in the winter.

Starting in September I plan to do a sermon series at both churches.  The theme will be “Defending Your Faith.”  This month I have been pushing hard for folks to go out into the community and to start engaging with others.  At a minimum, to invite them to church.  But I do know not everyone is comfortable with that.  They fear the push back from the secular society.  I will try to help arm folks for that battle…. and it is a battle.

God Bless